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Instructors / Contractors for On-the-Job Training (OJT) Assignments

Stacy Bullard                                                                                           
Integrity Developers, Inc.    
                                                                        Few Electrical, Inc.
Blue Print Reading\Weatherization                                                             Electrical
(847) 599-2477/office                                                                                 (224) 305-6700/direct
(847) 275-2774/cell                                                                                    (224) 280-8142/cell
Email:  sbullard@integdevinc.com                                                              Email:  nccoach@aol.com

Palmer Sanders                                                                                          Joe Pipes
Paint Boys, Inc.  
                                                                                         J Pipes Remodeling & Construction
Painting                                                                                                       Remodeling \Weatherization
(847) 912-8380/cell                                                                                    (224) 305-7442/cell
Email:  paintboys@yahoo.com                                                                    Email:  joe.pipes@yahoo.com

Pierre Vallot                                                                                                Nicholas “Nick” Brooks
Service King, Inc.     
HVAC                                                                                                          (847) 845-0240/cell
(847) 244-3541/office                                                                                 Email: nlb117@yahoo.com   
(847) 456-5102/cell
Email: servicekinginc@sbcglobal.net                                                          Lynda Paul
                                                                                            Financial Literacy         
Dennis Walker                                                                                            (847) 263-7526/office        
First Energy Conservation, LLC
                                                                 Email:  Lynda.paul@hotmail.com
Residential Energy Conservation        
(847) 922-8780/cell                                                                                    Terri L. McBride  
Email:  dw@firstenergyconservation.com                                                    Drafting                 
                                                                                             (847) 732-4751/cell
Joseph Webb                                                                                              Email:  tlm_50@yahoo.com
Advance Coating Solutions     
Epoxy Flooring         
(847) 812-4127/cell               
Email:  joewebb@comcast.net


Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Trades Program

  • Blue Print Reading

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Epoxy Flooring

  • Financial Literacy

  • HVAC

  • Masonry

  • Painting

  • Plumbing

  • Residential Energy
Our construction training
program includes:
BCCTA Instructors
Fred Washington
Few Electrical, Inc.
(224) 305-6700/direct
(224) 280-8142/cell
Email:  nccoach@aol.com

Joe Pipes
J Pipes Remodeling & Construction
Remodeling \Weatherization
(224) 305-7442/cell
Email:  joe.pipes@yahoo.com

Nicholas “Nick” Brooks
(847) 845-0240/cell
Email: nlb117@yahoo.com   

Lynda Paul
Financial Literacy      
(847) 263-7526/office        
Email:  Lynda.paul@hotmail.com

Terri L. McBride  
(847) 732-4751/cell
Email:  tlm_50@yahoo.com
Graduates at a Glance
Check here to view Graduates for Hire!
                                       COLLEGE OF LAKE COUNTY

Crandall Collins                                                                                  Mary Turley
Career Development\Job Readiness                                              Math (Algebra, Geometry, Union Prep
Email:  ccollins@clcillinois.edu                                                               Email:  mbturley@yahoo.com
BCC Training Academy