The Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County, (BCCLC) is a broad-
    based federation of business, industrial, professional firms and
    interested individuals within Lake County that are organized to enhance
    the economic and socioeconomic health of their community.

    It is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation of voluntary membership    
    that invests time and money to carry forward programs that are relevant
    to members’ needs and benefit the local economy.

    It is the catalytic agency that brings together all the forces, both
    public and private, through which common goals can be resolved.

    The basic mission of the Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County,
    is to create and promote a climate where African-American business
    and industry can operate in a productive and profitable manner to
    stimulate economic growth and development within the community we serve.

      We shall also:

    •       Promote the African-American business community and the entire
           area for the betterment of all. Contribute to strong economic
           development efforts in order to build a robust business climate,
           increase sales and generate a greater dollar volume.

    •       Lobby to protect and enhance our state and local business
           environment and have a voice in government and legislative affairs

    •       Provide educational seminars to members aimed at physical and
           profitable growth.

    •       Work closely with North Chicago, Waukegan, and Zion Municipal
           government to win local state and federal dollars.

    •       Publish a quarterly newsletter that keeps members up to date on
           chamber activities.

    •       Provide social contact and an excellent networking system through
           quarterly breakfast meetings, and many other special events

    •       Access to health care benefits, which are passed along to members
           and their employees

    A better community means better business conditions.  In every community,
    it is from the profitable business operations that all other benefits derive.
    The Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County, Inc works for the
    betterment of the entire community. Only by succeeding in this
    fundamental goal, can we provide the jobs and produce the wealth of
    finance for all the governmental, civic, educational, cultural and charitable
    needs that our community is faced with every day.

    The Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County, Inc members will provide
    the ideas, the drive, the goals, the funds and the voluntary services to keep
    the chamber a valuable commodity within the community.

"Good for Business. . ."

"Good for Community. . ."

            "Good for Everyone"
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